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Pujiang Novelty Hardware Manufacturer.~


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  • Contact:Jan Wu
  • Phone:86-571-57893362
  • Phone:86-571-57893362
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Novelty Tattoo Supply established in 2008 offering professional tattoo machines. We offer high quality products with competitive prices. We are focused on customer service and want to help you achieve your goal as a tattooist.
Provide items:
Tattoo machine
Rotary tattoo machine
Tattoo needle
Tattoo power supply
Tattoo tube
Tattoo grip
Tattoo supply
Tattoo machine parts
Tattoo machine frame

We maintain our high standards by designing and manufacturing many of the products we sell. Like tattoo machine, needles, disposable tube, etc from our own factory. You can trust Novelty branded products and the products we distribute to deliver quality and innovation at an affordable price.

We welcome comments and suggestions from our valued customers. Your input directly impacts the products we develop and distribute, and let us know how we can continue to improve. After all, we did not get into a bigger garage by resting on our laurels. Feel free to contact us, to tell us how we'... [Details]
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